Wednesday, May 20, 2015

New Finding Nemo Themed Ride Opening at Tokyo DisneySea in 2017

© Tokyo DisneySea / Pixar
As if the resort didn't already have enough expansion already their plate, Tokyo DisneySea has announced that a new ride, themed to Finding Nemo, will open in 2017.  The theme of the ride is fitting since Finding Dory, the Finding Nemo sequel, will open in June of 2016.

The new ride will replace StormRider, and utilize its two simulator ride systems.  StormRider will close in mid-May of next year.

© Tokyo DisneySea / Pixar
The production staff working on Finding Dory will also create the new footage for this attraction.  Above is concept art of the giant fish shaped submarine that will "shrink to the size of a fish" for the journey, and serve as the ride vehicles.  Aboard the attraction "guests will explore the vast underwater world from the same point of view as Nemo and Dory."  No solid details of the ride's storyline have been released, though it will feature encounters with other characters from the movies.

The new ride will utilize two motion simulator cabins, each seating 122 people during the five minute ride.  The tentative budget for the attraction is 5 billion yen, or just over $41 million.