Saturday, May 9, 2015

Hatbox Ghost Now Materializing in Disneyland's Haunted Mansion

The famous Hatbox Ghost made it's return to Disneyland's Haunted Mansion this morning to a crowd of thousands of eager guests.  The park previously announced that the famous ghost - which existed in the ride for a short period after it opened - would be coming back in May.

The character has been a bit of an unofficial mascot for the ride for some time now, so fans of the park (and there are plenty) couldn't wait for the addition.  Here is one video of the Hatbox Ghost:

And here is another:

As you can well see from these videos, the effect looks wonderful and is a major 'plus' to the Haunted Mansion.  I love how when his face fades away you can see a ghostly trail move down toward the actual hatbox!  The figure has been added to the Mansion's attic scene, just after the equally famous ghost bride.