Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Holiday World's Swinging Start to the 2014 Season

© Holiday World
Last weekend Holiday World opened for the year, and also debuted their brand new family thrill ride, the Mayflower.  Located in the Thanksgiving themed section (this is Holiday World, after all) the new swinging ship ride is themed to the famous vessel the Pilgrims set sail on way back in 1620.

Above is a photo of the Mayflower in action, with a local reporter and Park President Matt Eckert riding in the back, along with park employees Lauren Reckelhoff, Leah Koch and Lauren Koch.  As if you couldn't tell from their faces, everyone had a blast on the ride!

© Holiday World
The Mayflower swings in a giant 54 foot arc, giving riders on either end of the boat a nice float at the top.  The ride is set up over it's own lagoon, and comes with plenty of appropriate theming for its Thanksgiving local.  With a low 48 inch height restriction, many members of the family can ride this one together - in fact if you have a family of 60 they could all fit at once!  That's probably not going to happen though.

Holiday World also documented the instillation of the Mayflower with a great time lapse video, seen embedded above.  Make sure to check out the new ride when you stop by the park this year!