Monday, July 1, 2013

Dorney Park Celebrates Summer with the Opening of All Wheel Sports

A part of Dorney Park's Summer Celebration, which runs through August 25th, the park has brought an exciting new production to the Good Time Theatre, named All Wheel Sports.

The production features a cast of athletes that gained a lot of exposure and fame last year on the hit NBC show "America's Got Talent."  Their amazing performances got them all the way to the finals, which is not too surprising once you see what they're capable of.

All Wheel Sports is a show that has performed (and still is) at other Cedar Fair parks, but traditionally is and outside production.  When it was time to take a break from the tradition Snoopy themed ice show that the Good Time Theatre had, the park went in a totally different, much higher energy direction.

Having All Wheel Sports inside allows a lot of production changes that are tough in an outside setting, and in my opinion this adds greatly to the show.  Above is a shot of the theatre's stage before the action began.  The lighting throughout All Wheel Sports is excellent, and the changes to the stage itself are welcomed, too.  For instance you can see the nest-like decorations that frame the stage's borders which add to the high energy style of the show.

It doesn't take long for the show to ramp up and get moving, at first the performers warm up the crowd during some thumping music, great interaction is always a fun part of any performance.  Before long a "guest" is brought on stage and the BMX rider performs a trick that requires a lot of trust - he jumps down off the perch you see him on just clearing the guy on the ground.

The "guest" ends up exploring the elaborate obstacles that make up the show's sets, and before long most folks will gather that he might just be a part of the cast after all.  Still, there's a fun chase scene that involves a very flexible security guard and even a Harlem Shake... complete with a trampoline zebra.  If you see it you'll understand!

The show moves quick, and I'll be sure to return to focus on the performers and not on trying to get photos!  The ramps that line the stage make for some high energy flips and tricks by BMX bikers, inline skates, even a scooter!  The ease with which these guys and gals perform such elaborate moves is a bit mind blowing for someone who keeps his feet pretty firmly on the ground... aside from roller coasters, of course.

The back of the stage also features some large trampolines which allow the cast to bounce around with ease, completing flips and maneuvers that most could only dream of.  This certainly isn't anything like some kids on their backyard trampoline, no doubt about that.

There's also a great 'dark' segment of the show where the fact that the performance is indoors really shines.

With a flip of a switch the theatre is turned dark but the stage starts to glow in neon colors.  The performers continue their tricks, only with additional lightning on their bikes.  This isn't something that could be done on a sunny summer day, and it really ads to the show.

The darkness is also a great lead in to the aerialist's performance.  She appears throughout the show, but this is definitely her time to shine.  A backdrop of twinkling stars and dramatic lighting from below create an almost surreal setting for her performance.  And as you can see from the photo above, she's quite talented!

As if the setting wasn't dramatic enough, the show then uses the theatre's built in rain feature to make things even more beautiful.  It is somewhere not long after I took this shot that she starts to spin faster than I would ever desire with the help of a cast mate.  You could really hear the crowd loving this segment, and I can understand why.

Before long things lighten back up, and the whole cast has a go at showing off their skills.  Did I mention that there are more trampolines built along the length of the stage?  Some of the cast are also gymnasts and they certainly know how to make good use of this track, flipping and jumping high into the air.

When the show comes to an end - always too quick when you're enthralled - you can stick around and meet the cast.  That's a nice treat, especially for younger guests who may want to one day hone their skills into a professional level like this.

All Wheel Sports performs at Dorney Park each day except Wednesday through August 25th.  I highly suggest taking a break from the heat and checking out what they have to offer, I don't think you will be disappointed!


Unknown said...

Best show and best cast! They were amazing! Not only did they entertain everyone but they loved talking to you and explaining things! Great group of people who brought in a huge crowd and I'm so glad I was there pretty much all summer to see them! Can't wait till next summer!