Monday, June 3, 2013

Take Flight on the Screamin' Eagles at the Great Escape

© The Great Escape
I really love how many sets of Larson Flying Scooters have opened this year - that is certainly a trend that I would enjoy seeing continue!

The Great Escape, located in Lake George, NY, has opened their new attraction for 2013, named the Screamin' Eagles.  As I'm sure you've surmised, the attraction is a brand new Flying Scooter, and has taken up home in the park's Fest Area in the location of a former building on a hillside which gives the riders an additional feeling of height.  The ride has a bright yellow/orange/red color scheme, making it stand out among the tall trees that surround it.

Once seated the 'flyers' are able to control their ride using a fin on the front of each car, making it possible to sail up higher using wind resistance.  Those who want a milder ride can just enjoy the view as they soar around.

According to this story, there's plenty of other changes this season, with several rides changing locations and even moving indoors.  The park will also turn the train around on the Canyon Blaster for a limited time in July.

The Screamin' Eagles previewed for season pass holders this past weekend, and will open to the public on June 6th.