Saturday, December 15, 2012

Waldameer Welcomes Their Musik Express

© Waldameer Park
Waldameer's $2 million expansion for 2013 has seen a very special arrival this past week, with the arrival of the park's new Musik Express ride from its overseas manufacturer.

The park has already constructed the ride's concrete pad, and will quickly work to assemble the new ride.  The park actually would like to open the new ride soon for guests who come to the park to purchase their season passes, and will be offering hot chocolate as well.

The Musik Express will be set in the former home of the park's Scrambler, which has been moved and updated.  The new area will feature additional gardens, a fountain, and a new bronze statue, continuing the theme at the park.

The park has shared some new photos of the ride's arrival on their Facebook page.  To check those out, click here.