Sunday, December 16, 2012

From The Vault: 1995 Paramount Park Coaster Sheet

This is another oldie but goodie, another item that I actually featured shortly after I started NPN - and the quality of that image is bad, bad, bad.  So I decided to scan in it and share it again in high quality - and for a much larger audience than five years ago!

The Paramount Parks' Roller Coasters fact sheet was sent to me in 1995, and it proudly showed off the chain's "35 of the world's best roller coasters with a combined total of more than 15 miles of Paramount thrills."

And my, how the list has changed in the past 17 years!  Well, at least I mean it's grown considerably if it were remade now, and tons of the rides are going under new names since Cedar Fair took over.  Two of the coasters, King Cobra and Kings Island, and The Tidal Wave at Great America have been removed.  Several are rumored to be on their last leg with the parks, though we won't go there!

I think it's be fun if the parks made something like this again.  I know Cedar Point used to have a dedicate brochure covering their coasters, but I doubt they still produce that.  I love lists!