Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Slow and Steady: Bluegrass Boardwalk Update

We haven't heard too much since it was announced that a lease deal was in place for the former Kentucky Kingdom theme park to be reopened as Bluegrass Boardwalk, but things are progressing slow and steady, according to developers.

Two different news stories are now reporting that the lease holders, which are members of the family which owns and operates Holiday World, aren't quite where they want to be but have made some progress.  One major hurdle seems to have been passed, which was obtaining financing for the millions of dollars needed to reopen the park.

Tax incentives that would help get some of that investment back over time are moving a bit slower, it seems.  The application process for the incentives has turned out to have many levels to pass through before final approvals are granted.

On the upside, park spokeswoman Paula Werne reports that they've "met with a number of ride vendors and are eager to push the button on some exciting new additions for the park.”  Naturally that caught my attention!

Hopefully the pace can pick up a little with the incentives in the coming weeks, and then the real work can start on getting the property ready for visitors.  The plans call for Bluegrass Boardwalk to open in just over a year from now.