Saturday, June 4, 2011

Weekly Rewind 6.4.11

The continuing transformation of Paradise Pier at Disney California Adventure intrigues me. It's not often that we get to see a theme park totally renovated while still operating. This video gives a peek at the latest section getting ready to open.

According to the Funland Blog, the Green Lantern at Six Flags Magic Mountain now has a July 1st opening date, slightly pushed back from their previous opening date.

The new Splash Zoo area at Legoland California's water park has opened.  The area caters to the toddler set, and looks like a ton of fun!

The Disneyland Resort has a busy Soundsational Summer season planned, with the addition of the Little Mermaid attraction, Star Tour, and a brand new parade.  I'd love to go check out all the new attractions.

Valleyfair Zone has posted a really nice review of Valleyfair's new Planet Snoopy.  The photos are beautiful! 

Universal has stayed pretty quiet on their new Transformers ride for Hollywood and Singapore, but some new art of the ride's queue and station have leaked

Knott's is continuing to build their Wind Seeker, and Westcoaster is sharing some photos of the ride going up.  I'm still digging the paint scheme.

KI Extreme has added a new gallery of historical Kings Island photos.  Check out the rainbow in some of the shots!

Finally!  Some footage of the 90 ft. geyser that launches off the top of Michigan's Adventure's new Beach Part attraction.  This news clip shows water soaring up over the attraction.

Bay Beach Amusement Park's new recreated Zippin Pippin had a very successful Memorial Day weekend when over 14,000 rides were given.  Now public parks everywhere start building wooden coasters, please!

The end has finally come for Wild Rivers in Irvine, CA.  The park's lease will not be renewed as the land it sits on will be used for apartments.  The park is looking into relocating.

Canada's Wonderland has opened their Wind Seeker - if you'd like to see these rides in action then be sure to check out this video.