Saturday, June 11, 2011

Discovery Kingdom Opens The Grand Reef

Florida's Discovery Cove has opened its new expansion, called The Grand Reef, to the public and is already receiving rave reviews for the area.  The Grand Reef has multiple areas to explore, all containing various water depths that allow realistic exploration by guests. 

The reef allows visitors to choose whether they want to go exploring or just relax on a sandy beach.  Snorkeling in the Reef puts guests among numerous varieties of fish and rays, and while separated by glass they will feel as though they are also in the same space as sharks.

One of the coolest aspects of The Reef is SeaVenture, seen above.  Guests wear dive helmets allowing them to walk on the floor of the reef on an underwater tour.  They experience one on one encounters with sea creatures, including getting up close to the 8 ft. tall, 21 ft. long panoramic windows that keep guests safely away from sharks.

The Grand Reef represents a 2.5 acre expansion of Discovery Cove, and contains almost a million gallons of water.  The park puts so much effort into perfecting the guest experience they actually sift every pound of sand on the beach to make it perfect - and that's 5 million pounds!

The park's new map shows a "new for 2012" expansion area over the former Tropical Reef, so we haven't heard the last of the great new adventures from this park.