Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mike's Fill-In Brochure Spotlight: Dorney Park 1995

By 1995 Cedar Fair had owned Dorney Park for a few years, and the amount of changes were noticeable not only in the park but also in the way it was advertised, take for instance this brochure.  It's a big departure from the old style of brochures I've been featuring lately.

1995 was a very family focused year for the park.  All the new attractions were oriented toward the entire family - it wasn't a year for thrill rides at the park.

Not that they didn't have any, though.  Hercules had been added in 1989, the Coaster was now ThunderHawk, and Laser was still looping guests at the far end of the property.  The park added a new antique Dentzel carousel in '95, moved to the park from Cedar Point.  Located prominently inside the entrance gates, much like Cedar Point, the classic attraction helped tremendously with the park's atmosphere.

The previous owners of the park had put a lot of work into Wildwater Kingdom - Cedar Fair didn't do much work on it right away.  Water parks had come a long way in the ten years since Wildwater opened, but it was still one of the largest around, certainly in its market area.

The main new attraction at Dorney Park for the year was Berenstain Bear Country. I posted a press release detailing the attractions the area offered some time ago here on NPN.  The area did not have any real rides, though - those did not come until it became Camp Snoopy in 2000.

Berenstain Bear Country was a $2.5 million investment for the park.  Also offered that year was a $4.95 junior/senior admission price, aimed at attracting families to the park in droves.