Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Amusing Ads Archive - Worlds of Fun's Timber Wolf

Instead of a ride manufacturer for this Amusing Ads Archive we're going to look at an advertisement for an actual ride - Timber Wolf at Worlds of Fun.  The above poster advertised the menacing ride that the coaster, which debuted in 1989, thrilled passengers with.

Here's the park's description of the ride, written a year after it opened.

"In 1989, the legend came to life at Worlds of Fun.  The meanest, most vicious wooden roller coaster ever created, the Timber Wolf, rated the number-two roller coaster in the world by coaster enthusiasts. 

A swift unforgiving beast, it traps its quarry and claws its way skyward to dizzying heights.  Then it plummets to within inches of the earth.  Writhing and coiling, even shooting through itself, it unpredictably careens over a twisted course almost a mile long.  Hold on for the time of your life in 1990!"

Interestingly, the Zambezi Zinger gave more rides than the Timber Wolf in its opening season, well actually the park's log flume did too.

The original fact sheet for the ride lists a top speed of the 4,230 ft. ride as 53 mph, gained from a lift that reached 100 ft above the ground.  The $3 million investment hit positive g-forces of 2.85 during the two minute, thirty second ride.


Unknown said...

I find it amusing that they advertise it as the "meanest, most vicious wooden roller coaster", and then they follow that up by saying it was rated number two. That's what you call a contradiction! Thanks for sharing this bit of history.

Kurt Dahlin