Monday, September 20, 2010

Aerial Antics: Lake Winnepessaukah

Wikipedia tells me that Lake Winnepesaukah means "beautiful water," and has been a family run amusement park since it first opened back in 1925. Few parks today can make a claim of that nature, and I for one think it's something to be proud of. The 2010 season marks the park's 85th anniversary.

The small amusement park is located in Tennessee, but lies quite close to the Georgia state line. The park offers a variety of amusements, some quite classic, while some are of the modern set of scream machines. The above section of the park features many of Lake Winnie's flat rides such as the Ferris Wheel and Super Slide.

Certain one of the park's most unique rides is featured in this photo. The park's Boat Chute is one of the few Mill Chute rides still operating in the world. This one was opened in 1927 and features a meandering journey among the trees, then up the lift, followed by a splash into Lake Winnie.

Around the other side of the Lake is a selection of more modern rides. The wild mouse style coaster is named Wild Lightnin', added to the park in 2001. The drop tower, named Oh Zone plummets riders from 140 ft. in the air. The Conestoga ride (flying carpet style ride) actually was purchased from Hersheypark when they decided to remove it.

Saving the best for last, here is the park's big ride - the Cannon Ball. The large wooden coaster first opened in 1967 and was designed by John Allen. It stands 70 feet tall and stretches over 2,200 feet long. Sticking to the basics, the coaster takes riders up and over many air-time hills during its course.

If you'd like to see Bing's aerials of Lake Winnie, click here.


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