Saturday, December 20, 2008

Holiday Season Catch Up

I'm sure you all are feeling it too - this time of year is insane! And now we're having storm after storm in the Northeast to complicate things further. Regardless, it's time to catch up on some reader submissions.

Oh, and thanks to all the sites that linked to Scott & Carol's B&M Plant tour!

The Great Escape Source has posted an interview they had with Lo-Q while at the IAAPA trade show. They're always going to be giving away some goodies they got from Lo-Q as well.

Check out that interview here. Also, I noticed on their forums that they confirmed with S&S Power that Sasquatch at Great Escape will be a Space Shot tower and Turbo Drop tower - not combo towers as previously rumored. Good to know!

Coaster101 recently did an interview with the General Manager of Wild Adventures theme park. They were able to ask some great questions about the direction the park will be headed in the future.

The park was purchased by Herschend Family Entertainment in 2007 and is one of a few parks the company owns that did not have it's 2009 capital expansion delayed due to the economy.