Saturday, April 5, 2008

New Dorney Park / Voodoo Pics

I finally got my new camera this past week, so I wanted to go try it out today. After the sun finally came out I made it a point to go take some photos of Voodoo with a much better lens and zoom than I had before.

I must say, It may not be the camera of my dreams but it's certainly better than before - and it fit my budget which is tops ... so if any of you appreciate these pics and NewsPlusNotes in general those Paypal and Amazon boxes are still over in the side bar!

Voodoo's station - click for a much larger image. Still no sign of the train, but like I said last time I guess it could be behind the electrical room. It looks like the station is coming along, you can see that they have some queue rows up and such, and they are painted orange.

The left side of things - this new camera really captured the pink of those flags nicely.

The upper entrance Guest Relations office is now open for Season Pass purchasing and processing. That's how I got this view of how Voodoo looks from the entrance area.

I saw this new sign so I had to snap a pic! This is taken from the car from the parking lot - and it's at the front gate - me love new camera!

Dorney Park opens for the 2008 season one month from today!