Monday, April 28, 2008

Geauga Lake Auction Brochure

Norton Auctioneers has the color brochure up for the Geauga Lake auction that's taking place June 17th and 18th.

Curiously, the Big Dipper is no longer mentioned in the brochure at all as a ride that is being auctioned. A lot of other rides that were for sale are no longer listed either, like the Beaver Land family coaster, a monster ride, some children's rides, Pirate's flight, El Dorado, and more.

The carousel and ferris wheel were never listed as for sale, and still are not. (both rumored to go to World of Fun) Same for the Boomerang coaster, that was never listed either.

I still do not understand why Cedar Fair isn't keeping some stuff, like the SCS Interactive foam ball play area, I mean they added one to Worlds of Fun and Valleyfair! - why not use another you already own? Who knows...