Saturday, December 22, 2007

Voodoo Support Colors

As per the Dorney Park Voodoo blog (and their photos) as well as my eyes, the ride's support colors can be seen above - teal.

Personally, I hate it. Of all the color choices that could have been made I think this is one of the worst. Orange, Purple, Red, Black, Dark Blue, all would have been better. The ride, after seeing the pieces in natural light at the park this afternoon, will look like Wicked Twister.

In the above photos I added a snip of Wicked Twister and Hydra - the supports are very similar in color to both.

This support color has nothing, at all whatsoever, to do with the light 'theme' that Voodoo has so far, I'm disappointed the say the least.

Here's the photos on Dorney's site.