Saturday, March 30, 2019

Surprise! Mickey's PhilarMagic Opening at Disney California Adventure Next Month

© Disney
It is not often that one of the Disney parks announces a new attraction and it doesn't take many months, or in some cases years, for the ride to open.  This week Disney California Adventure announced that Mickey's PhilarMagic will open in April at the park's Sunset Showcase Theater in Hollywood Land.

There is a decent chance that many readers have already experienced the 3-D show that is Mickey's PhilharMagic, since it has been open at the Magic Kingdom in Florida since 2003.  It is also already open in Hong Kong, Tokyo and Paris as well, so the California resort's addition will leave the show only missing in China.

The show stars not only Mickey, but also Donald Duck, as the two, along with "other favorite characters take the stage for an experience that immerses the audience in a magical, musical adventure set in the fantastic world of classic Disney animated musical sequences from films such as Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, Peter Pan, and Aladdin."  Of course as Donald is transported into the various scenes with popular Disney music filling the theater, there's a bit of his usual high jinks as well.

The location being used for Mickey's PhilharMagic was once the home of the Muppet Vision 3-D show, which closed at the park in 2014.  It has been used for various special events and limited engagements, usually tied to major films, ever since.