Sunday, March 24, 2019

New Photo Update Shows Silver Dollar City's Mystery 2020 Water Ride Construction

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With parks opening for the year left and right, we're getting our first look at some big projects that have progressed over the winter months.  One of the ones I'm highly interested in is the replacement water ride for Silver Dollar City's Lost River of the Ozarks (pictured above), which closed for good last season.  With most parks removing aging water rides in the past decade, it really grabs my attention to see a new one going in as few replacements have popped up to offset the removals.

We already knew that Silver Dollar City was clearing out a large portion of the park where the ride was located, and changing up the adjacent lake as well.  Now that the park is open we can see how dramatically different the area looks!

MidwestInfoGuide has visited the park and posted a great update of the new water ride's construction.  Make sure to follow the link and check out all their information and photos.

Aside from the massive cleared area, there are physical sections of the new ride going up.  One part, as MidwestInfoGuide points out, definitely looks like a station area, but there is also a section of concrete trough in place with more being built.  The trough makes a tight turn on the far side (not far from Fire In The Hole and the Pizza place) of the work site.  It is hard to gauge from the photos, but the trough looks smaller than usual river rapids rides, but it would be easier to tell if there were workers in the photo.  It definitely looks to me like a free flowing river attraction though, no track or anything involved.

I'm excited to see exactly what this turns out to be!


Unknown said...

I've heard rumors it willbe an Infinity Falls type Rapids