Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Visitors Enjoying New Pandemonium Ride at The Great Escape

© The Great Escape
The Great Escape has added a thrilling new flat ride for 2018, named Pandemonium, to the park's line up of attractions.  The new ride opened earlier in The Great Escape's season, so it has already been thrilling visitors to the park for weeks now.

The ride, which looks to be a Freestyle from Chance Rides, seats 24 passengers at a time, facing outward on a giant ring.  The ring rotates quickly while it is elevated and spun at the same time, creating a wave-like motion that riders experience as they go.  The motion can be a bit disorienting, but is perfect for thrill seekers!  Freestyle rides are more common at fairs and other traveling events, so it's interesting to see one installed at a Six Flags-owned park.

This video of the ride shows Pandemonium in action, and by the looks of it the riders are enjoying it!  This smaller, but still very thrilling, flat ride looks like a perfect fit for a park the size of The Great Escape.

At night, the ride really glows with an "electrifying light package that hypnotizes onlookers as they follow all the twisting, twirling motions" of Pandemonium.