Wednesday, July 18, 2018

SeaWorld Orlando Shares New Images of Infinity Falls' Lift Theming Progress

© SeaWorld Orlando
SeaWorld Orlando has sent out new photos of the dramatic lift theming that has been installed on Infinity Falls, which is set to open this summer at the theme park.  As construction of the ride nears completion, the park installed the tallest piece of the 67 foot structure which surrounds the ride's vertical lift hill.

Rafters on Infinity Falls will head up the lift, which will also contain a roaring waterfall, and then plunge down a 40 foot drop.  SeaWorld Orlando says that the ride's lift is capable of bringing the rafts to the top of the drop in just 5 seconds.

© SeaWorld Orlando
The dramatic blue and gray tower design hides the mechanics of the ride's lift and is described as "blending modern architecture with ancient ruins."  Weighing in at 41 tons, the tower was made of 10 segments that were carefully lifted into place over the course of five nights (with work only occurring after the park had closed for the day).

Infinity Falls will "bring the thrill of white-water rafting into a new experience the family can enjoy together. Aboard the rides 8-passenger circular rafts, riders will embark on an adventure through a lush rainforest environment inspired by some of the world’s most incredible freshwater ecosystems. The new attraction will feature dynamic drops and turns, interactive water elements, and allow visitors to experience the feel of exhilarating rapids."

No opening date of Infinity Falls has been released just yet, but the park is clearly near the end of the ride's construction, with theming and landscaping already in place.

Until the ride opens, here is a new time lapse video of the tower's completion: