Saturday, April 14, 2018

Dorney Park Stinger Deconstruction 4.14.18 Update Photos

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If you're passing by Dorney Park you'll have to look a bit more closely at the skyline to catch the bit of Stinger that is still standing.  Here are a few photos from today, showing that much more of the roller coaster has been removed since our last update a couple weeks ago. 

When driving past the park, Stinger used to occupy the skyline of the far corner of the property.  But now with only less than half the lifts standing, it's about even with the tree line.

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Taken from near the entrance road to the park, this is about all that is left of Stinger.  The crews carefully worked to cut through the lift track and remove it in even smaller sections that just one traditional track 'piece.'  It looked like the rails and ties were actually being cut apart to remove small bits at a time.  They are covered in the trees in this photo, but there's a few lift piece remnants laying around that haven't been hauled off yet.

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One final, more clear shot.  I would think now that the highest parts of Stinger are down, this last section will disappear rather quickly this week.  Especially if we're given the gift of decent spring weather!

Dorney Park will open for the 2018 season on Friday, May 4th, and that's when we will get our first look at the area that Singer used to reside in.