Saturday, April 28, 2018

Canada's Wonderland Opens Two New Rides + A Peek at 2019 Coaster Work

© Jeff Smellie
This is the opening weekend of the 2018 season for another round of parks, one of which is Canada's Wonderland.  The park is featuring two new rides this year, along with a water park expansion aimed at kids and families.  NewsPlusNotes' friend, Jeff Smellie, sent over some photos from the park's preview day.

Up top is Lumberjack, the park's new thrill ride - a Zamperla Hawk 48.  From the rustic theming to the wooded location, the attraction joins one of the most impressive flat ride collections in North America.  Riders will soar on one of two arms, with their feet dangling below them as they make full inversions.

© Jeff Smellie
Lumberjack is meant to give some serious thrills, but Canada's Wonderland's second new ride is quite the opposite, meant to give a fun ride to all members of the family.  The Flying Canoes, seen above, allow riders to control the height of their car as they spin.  I love the elaborate canoe theming perched on the top of the ride, I'm glad it came out just like the concept art!

Later this summer the park will also open Lakeside Lagoon, an expansion to Splash Work's children's area that will double it in size.  Jeff did an interview with the park about all that is new this year, which can be seen here.

© Jeff Smellie
We've also been carefully watching the park during the winter due to some curious construction that has been taking place.  The park has built a tunnel under the pond that runs under Vortex, and it looks like some roller coaster track has been installed in it.

The above view shows the tunnel from the Splash Works side of the park, and if you look close you can make out what looks like track sticking up above the top level of the tunnel.

© Jeff Smellie
This is the other side of the tunnel.  Obviously the park has covered the openings to the tunnels to keep what is inside a secret, but I think it is safe to say that coaster fans will once again be flocking to Canada's Wonderland in 2019!

Thanks to Jeff for sending over the photos!