Monday, July 10, 2017

Skyline Attractions Confirms First Skywarp Instillation for 2018

Skywarp, a twisted new thrill ride dreamed up by Skyline Attractions, has been confirmed to be making its worldwide debut at a park in 2018.  Just what park remains a closely guarded secret, at least for a few more months.

The ride's concept was premiered at the annual IAAPA trade show back in 2016 and will be Skyline Attraction's largest ride instillation since the company was formed.

The attraction features a continuous track layout that twists two separate trains through dual Immelmann inversions.  Each train seats 16 riders, half facing forwards and half backwards, and the trains "duel" throughout the experience.

It's a bit easier to see the ride in action to fully understand how it works, and this promotional video that Skyline Attractions made does that perfectly.

Skywarp stands 62 feet tall and the 32 riders per cycle make for a theoretical capacity of 800 riders per hour - a good amount for what would be considered a flat ride.  The ride's thrilling nature doesn't stop it from having a 48 inch height requirement as well, so a broader set of park visitors will be able to ride.

The location of the first Skywarp is set to be revealed at this year's IAAPA trade show, which takes place in mid-November.