Thursday, July 27, 2017

Heading into the Home Stretch to Kings Dominion's 2018 Announcement

© Kings Dominion
Just because I haven't been able to keep up, that doesn't mean that Kings Dominion hasn't kept the clues coming for its 2018 addition.  We now know that the ride will be announced on August 16th, the same day that three additional Cedar Fair parks are making their reveal.

The most recent clue released by the park is above, simply stating "it left everything tattered and torn in its wake."  Not much of a hint related to any ride statistics as far as I can tell, but interesting nonetheless - seems to imply a pretty forceful ride is coming our way!

Another recent clue was "the force rattled the windows," which is also implying more about the ride experience than the attraction's statistics, far as I can see.  Much earlier clues, as a synopsis, left us wondering if the ride would have three inversions, be 28 feet taller than before and possibly have 20 air-time moments.  We will see if those end up being correct or not.

Kings Dominion is still hard at work on transforming Hurler into the 2018 project.  These recent photos, shared on Twitter by KDFans, show that the new ride is topped out.  New wood on the first turn, along with some ledgers, can also be seen.  Things are definitely getting exciting at the work site!