Saturday, November 5, 2016

Valleyfair's New North Star Thrill Ride Topped Out

© Valleyfair
Today saw the instillation of the top piece of Valleyfair's new North Star Starflyer ride, a new addition opening at the amusement park in 2017.  This past week the ride's other sections were put into place, and today came the final decorative piece that puts the ride at its full height of 230 feet.  Of note, the white lines on the decorative piece are actually lights, which means that the top of the tower will have a nice glow!

© Valleyfair
Here is one other shot that was released by the park of the completed North Star.  The park originally said they hoped to have the ride up by December, so it looks like the project is quite a bit ahead of schedule!

The ride's location just inside the park's entrance (the beige buildings seen in the background) will make it one of the rides that guests run to first, no doubt.  You can also see the installed seats at the base of the ride, those will spin riders at 40 miles per hour when the ride opens.  Although the heavy lifting is now complete, you can still keep tabs on the North Star work via the park's webcam.