Tuesday, November 29, 2016

New Eye of the Storm Ride + More Announced for Kentucky Kingdom's 2017 Season

© Kentucky Kingdom
Thrill seekers will have another ride to line up for at Kentucky Kingdom in 2017, when Eye of the Storm debuts.  Know as a Giant Loop and manufactured by Larson, the ride will take 24 passengers up to 70 feet in a giant loop, moving both forwards and backwards.  These rides have become extremely popular in recent years, popping up at both small and major amusement parks across the country.

The new ride, alone with two additional new children's rides that were announced, push Kentucky Kingdom to offering more than 80 different rides and attractions - with 5 roller coasters, 20 water park attractions, and expansive children's area and more.

Changes were also announced for the park's wooden coaster, Thunder Run, which will receive a brand new train in 2017.  The coaster will also receive track modifications and improvements designed to give "a smoother and faster ride," which I'm sure will not be frowned upon by visitors!

Kentucky Kingdom is also focusing on park amenities in 2017 to keep their ever-growing attendance base happy.  They will spend money on items like more shade structures in ride lines and in the water park, more tables, chairs and benches throughout the ride and water areas, stronger air-conditioning in restrooms and restaurants, more lockers, new technology to improve the speed of season pass processing, three new ticket sales windows and a brand new entrance for the Hurricane Bay water park.

Since reopening, Kentucky Kingdom has found much success and expanded greatly each year - 2017 looks to be no different!