Thursday, July 21, 2016

Must-Read Interview with Cedar Fair's Rob Decker

If you're looking for some great reading about Cedar Fair, A.V. Club has a very informative question and answer interview piece published with Rob Decker, the company's Senior VP of Planning & Design.

The questions cover a ton of ground, offering insights into many aspects of the company's design process.  Everyone loves to wonder what will be new at the park next year, and this story gives a bit of a look into the process.

Take Valravn for example, Rob talks about how the park selected the center of the park to build it in and just why they did that.  As for future additions, he notes that the next three years will be "pretty serious," and while not totally clear it seems like he's speaking specifically about Cedar Point in that regard.

Other parts of the interview cover the emphasis on technology and rides, including the use of virtual reality on existing attractions.  But on the opposite hand, Rob points out that he's wondering if a back-to-the-basics approach might serve guests of modern times well.  To that end there is also plenty of talk about the efforts to obtain, refurbish and install classic flat rides that have been plucked from around the globe.

The article is definitely a must-read for any fan of Cedar Fair, or really parks in general.  Check it out at this link!