Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Scott And Carol Present - The Little Coaster that Roared into Story Land!

Story Land is a park unfamiliar to most coaster enthusiasts. While it has had the Polar coaster for years, the addition of Roar-O-Saurus has made the park a mandatory stop for everyone who enjoys wooden roller coasters.

With the official title of Assistant General Manager, Jack has the unofficial title of park historian. As keeper of the traditions for Storyland, he is the go to person for great park stories.
These genuine German dolls provided the inspiration for Story Land. Currently in the conference room, the park is looking at options to put them on display for everyone to enjoy.
If you follow the Roar-O-Saurus signs you will soon come across this gem of a family wooden coaster.  The height of 40 feet really stands out in Story Land.

This rather large dinosaur, just outside the entrance to Roar-O-Saurus, is animated and actually moves the branches of the tree as it "feeds.

One of the many unique elements of Roar-O-Saurus is this high speed turn inside the lift hills support structure with a prehistoric onlooker who seems frozen in time.
The beautiful blue sky and fluffy white clouds provide a wonderful back drop as the six car Timberliner train descends the 38.5 foot 1st drop.

This close-up of the 1st drop shows the wide variety of coaster riders, with their  respective array of varying expressions, enjoying the ride.

Here a young rider flys through the bowels of Roar-O-Saurus. She appears to be either having a good time or trying to eat a bug?

The second half of the coaster's double-down has these young ladies holding on tight.

The fun has just begun, stay turn for part two, where we venture to the more hidden aspects of Roar-O-Saurus. A big thank you to Jack for being on guide on the adventure, including the great construction photos he provide that helped us get through the winter!