Monday, June 2, 2014

Ride the Tsunami Soaker at Six Flags St. Louis in 2014

Six Flags St. Louis has officially opened their new-for-2014 combination water and family ride, named Tsunami Soaker, to park guests.  The twirling and soaking flat ride has been added to the Gateway to the West section of the theme park, and Scott and Carol stopped by the park to check out the new attraction.

Tsunami Soaker was created by Mack Rides and features 9 gondolas, each seating six people for a total of 54 riders per cycle.  For a family flat ride, that makes for a pretty nice hourly capacity!  The ride has been given a light dose of nautical theming that certainly fits in well with all the water the ride involves.

Once the riders are seated the floor of the attraction lowers and is replaced by water, allowing the boats to float freely as the ride spins.  Each of the seats come equipped with a water blaster that guests power with a rotating handle pump.  As the ride is in motion that means there are 54 different water blasters going off at the same time!

While the intent is to blast those around you, it is only fair that the water comes back your way, as well!  These interactive rides not only work to cool you off in the Summer sun, but they're also a whole lot of fun.

One more thing to mention - there are even more water blasters located all around the outside of Tsunami Soaker!  That means that not only can riders spray each other, but their blasters also reach those standing outside of the ride.  But that's a two way street as far as water blasts go, with both riders and non-riders getting in on the action.

Six Flags St. Louis is also holding a fun competition via social media in order to name Tsunami Soaker's new pelican.  Guests can tweet a Tsunami Soaker "selfie" along with their name suggestion, and perhaps one day the park will choose their suggestion!

And here is that pelican!  He is perched atop a light house structure on the center of Tsunami Soaker, checking out all the action as it unfolds below him.  The ride has a 36 inch height requirement (with an adult), so even the little guys are able to participate in the fun.

Scott and Carol also were able to get some video of Tsunami Soaker in action, looks like fun!

A similar attraction has also recently premiered at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, aptly providing relief in the California sun.  Last year Aqua Twist, also a similar ride, opened at La Ronde, Six Flag's park in Canada.