Thursday, January 26, 2012

Verbolten Track Complete!

Busch Gardens Williamsburg recently reached the end of the line in constructing Verbolten's 2,835 feet of track when the final piece was lifted into place.  Fortunately for us the park has released a series of new press images of the coaster, containing some really amazing shots!

As is tradition, the final piece of the ride that was lifted into place was adorned with flags and an evergreen tree, for good luck.  It appears as though the final piece of track was located near the ride's station area.

While the crane was still on site the park took advantage and snapped some photos from high in the sky.  This gives us a great look at how Verbolten fits into the park's landscape.  Here we see the section of the ride immediately after the second launch, which heads up to the final drop.

Before that second launch is the "event building," which the park has still not released any full details on.  The ride launches up into it, and you can spy some additional structures that have gone up on the building's entrance and exit.  The second launch follows the building's exit, in the bottom of the photo.

As for the final drop, check out this intimidating look at it!  The coaster will pass through a thematic element and then drop directly toward the water below, just as the Big Bad Wolf did.

This gives a great idea of the beautiful view passengers will have for a few seconds before the train plunges down.  The base of the drop goes directly into a tight series of turns which lead back up to the ride's brakes and station.

Busch Gardens Williamsburg also released some footage of the ride along with an interview with Larry Giles, the park's VP of Design and Engineering.  Check it out to hear more about Verbolten's trains, as well as some unique shots inside the event building!