Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A New Future for Kentucky Kingdom?

Could there finally be a light at the end of the tunnel for the shuttered Kentucky Kingdom amusement park?  And could that light be the family behind the very successful Holiday World theme park?

Perhaps.  Yesterday news broke that the family who owns Holiday World, the Kochs, was in a "fact-finding" phase of looking at the park in order to see if operating a lease on the property made sense.  The park has made it crystal clear that they are simply looking into it, and it sounds like in no way should anyone assume that the Holiday World operators will be taking over Kentucky Kingdom.

Still, this is a bright spot in a dark two years worth of history for the park since Six Flags pulled out and abandoned the property.  The Koch family is nothing if not determined when it comes to their theme park, and that combined with their operation knowledge could potentially spell a bright future for Kentucky Kingdom.

Plus, geographically it would make sense.  The park's are only about 100 driving miles (60 or so direct) from one another, so there are obvious benefits from that, too.

Something to keep an eye on, for sure.