Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Wintry Look At Dorney Park's Stinger

It has been almost a month since the major construction of Dorney Park's new coaster, Stinger, has been completed. Let's drop in an see what the park has been up to.

Naturally this view hasn't changed much, since we last saw this view with the ride already complete.  As you can see a crane is still being used on site for work related to the lifts.

Down on ground level, however, the station has made much progress.  The steel that went up (which was brand new as the ride had no covered station in California) has been painted to match the support color, and the roof is about halfway done.

The entry area for the ride is quite far along as well.  Here we can see that the shade cover structures for the queue are already installed, and plenty of new concrete for the walkways, etc, is complete.

Back up in the air workers are still making progress and completing the details of the dual set of lifts the ride has.

I won't pretend to know what most of the stuff up there is exactly for, other than the general purpose of hauling the train to the top.  Still, this is a nice close shot of the lift hill "guts," normally located at the base of a ride's lift hill, but up top for Stinger.


Erik said...

Man, I wish Invertigo had a covered station when it was at CGA. Sitting right next to the air gates in the heat was death. When the train flew by the station for a split second, the breeze caused by it was bliss.

Seeing the crane by the lift hill motors is a VERY familiar sight...talk about deja vu!