Thursday, December 15, 2011

Taking Skyrush to New Heights

Lift hill construction of new rides is always fun, and in this case a little multicolored.  The supports for the second half of the lift on Hersheypark's new coaster, Skyrush, are going up quick.  Seen above, the lift hill supports are blue but feature some yellow cross ties, which will give them an interesting look when complete.

The track that can be seen will be the bottom of the first drop, which after the plummet curves to the right, where most of Skyrush's layout will take place.

And here's a great example of what I mean!  The park recent added a webcam to the ride's official webpage, which shows of the forest of supports that are standing, along with the base of the first drop in place.

A worker at the site has been posting some neat videos from the site onto YouTube as well, but I have to wonder if they'll be removed at some point.  Check them out while they're live!