Monday, June 21, 2010

Six Flags On The Move. Literally.

First some factual news - Six Flags has announced, err, well filed an 8k with the SEC detailing their plan to formally relocate their headquarters from New York City to Dallas, Texas. The company has long had offices in Dallas, but now that will be the one and only.

They've also cleaned house a bit, naming at least three Vice Presidents that have been let go. Between the reduction in staff and the condensing of the headquarters they will save around $16 million a year.

Now as for the rumor news...

I don't usually post the latest big industry rumors, but this one sounds like it might have some guts. Suddenly the news that Six Flags Great Adventure's Great American Scream Machine is being removed for the ride formerly known as Chang is spreading these interwebs like wildfire.

Why do I think it might be true? Well, for starters most of the Six Flags 50th anniversary projects were Mark Shapiro's decision, and sadly he's gone from the company. New management means new plans. Next, Chang at Six Flags Great America never made a stitch of sense to me. They already have a stand-up coaster! Also, I believe the next round of approvals that Great America had planned for the ride have been suddenly canceled. And as much as Great American Scream Machine is visually impressive and historically significant to the park, well, it hasn't aged gracefully.

The ride is rumored to close on July 1st so I guess if this one holds any water we won't have to wait long to find out.


Ryan said...

Yesh! Are they sure they can't just squeeze it back into Movietown? That would make more sense to me.