Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Granite Park Dead For Sure

Since it's a story I've been following here on NPN since talks first started, I thought I should post the final chapter in the story of Granite Park. Slated to have 24 attractions on 10 acres of land located in Fresno, California, the theme park had a rough development history.

News of the planned park came out guns blazin' - and I was quite excited that they had purchased both the former Lightning Bolt coaster and Flume ride from the closed MGM Grand Adventures Theme Park in Vegas. I believe the developers also picked up a couple rides from the closure of Wild West World as well.

The main guy behind the plans was developer Milt Barbis, and he's now officially declared personal bankruptcy, effectively ending any hope of the park to ever see the light of day. The rides from MGM Grand Adventures are once again listed for sale in industry magazines.

Here's hoping they find a good home some day! There's a lot of good deals out there right now for used rides...