Friday, June 12, 2009

Dorney Park 6.12.09 Update

I finally had some free time today and since I hadn't visited Dorney Park since their opening day I figured I'd stop by and do a quick photo update. Let's go!

Signs are now up on the construction fences surrounding the Good Time Theatre which will be showing Snoopy Rocks! On Ice this summer.

The theatre has been painted a beige color but it still stands out and towers over the entrance area of the park. Here we see the stairs being poured for entrances on the side of the structure.

This is the front side of the theatre that faces the inside of the park. They've got some signs up on the side which very much remind me of something you'd see at Cedar Point. Not sure what sorta finish will be added on the bottom part... maybe something with some color?

And here's a view from further back showing how the building really towers over the area.

Signs are up listing summer entertainment but Snoopy Rocks! is still only listed as "Coming Summer 2009."

Moving on to a few other odds and ends, the former location of Laser has had some grass grow in but still no movement of any sort toward doing something with the area.

The park has also added a ton of these history signs around the park to celebrate the park's 125th anniversary this year. I hope to feature all of them in a future article.

Another banner went up in front of Club Blood advertising the park's 13 haunted attractions that will be featured at this year's Haunt.

Just liked this peaceful photo, I love how the log flume starts out among so many trees. The top half of the ride lost almost all of it's trees to Steel Force and then Hydra on the other side.

I also took a quick stroll through the water park since I hadn't been in there yet this year and grabbed this nice shot. Not much new to see aside from some new food offerings and updated sinage.

And we'll finish with a closer shot of the new Pirates of Dorney Park shooting gallery that was added this year. It's cool!