Sunday, June 29, 2008

Dorney Park 6.28.08 Update

Another trip to the park, this time I went late in the day because I wanted to play around with taking night photos of the park. A lot of these are just that - night photos of Dorney Park, but there's a few update-ish things in here, too.

Wave Swinger - a photo that's taken at many parks ... but there's a reason for that - it's pretty!

The structure for Club Blood is not up yet, but they've put up some banners on the construction wall. Here's one that's specifically for Club Blood - I can't wait till this fall!

Here's another one that's a general ad for The Haunt. I added in a bigger version of one part to show that they're still saying that The Haunt after 6 p.m. is not recommended for kids!

Splash. It was still crazy humid last night even at 10 p.m., so White Water Landing still had riders.

I really like Hydra's station at night, the lightning is nice.

The Whip's lights were looking pretty great, not many bulbs out at all. I still love the new sign but it really needs to have some sort of lightning at night. It looks sorta silly like this...

I noticed that the 3 Point Challenge has gone back up to $10 a play, it was $5 earlier in the season. Not sure if that's just how they work it, changing the price when the crowds come. It still had a line to play though, and this was taken after 9 p.m.

Some night shots of the new for 2008 - and very often not working - Voodoo. The sign reminds me of holding a flash light under your chin in the dark and talking in a scary voice. But I'm weird...

So nice and calm in the Voodoo area - cause like I said it wasn't open. Didn't look like it had been for a while either, the train was just stopped on the launch track with no on working on it or anything. Is Cedar Fair regretting moving this ride yet?

The empty station all lit up at night. Revolution and Meteor were also down last night. Revolution is another ride that Cedar Fair should feel regret for dumping on Dorney Park.

But Laser was open! It had a long line, too, but that's because Voodoo was closed and it was operating with one train. Still, get those rides in while you can.

Ring Toss. It glows at night!

I just liked this shot.

The park had a pretty good crowd yesterday, they were in the overflow parking lot. Not sure if the economy is hurting the park at this point or not.


Anonymous said...

Wow, already advertising the haunt? That's awesome! I cannot WAIT to see what happens haunt wise. I'm most excited for Club Blood and Cornstalkers, I'm really interested to see how they execute their Cornstalkers. Can't wait!