Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Daily Spin 6.3.08

There's a blurb on the official site for Universal Studios Singapore that lists one of the park's attractions as a "truly innovative pair of dueling coasters--one seated and one suspended--that are locked in aerial combat. Exciting loops, sudden turns, breathtaking drops and thrilling near-collisions will make you scream out loud." It's a newer Dueling Dragons! Awesome!

On another Universal note, the fire at the Hollywood property was started by roofers who were using a blowtorch to heat and apply shingles to a facade roof. This CNN article has the details. Also, the LA Times Funland Blog reports that Kong will not be rebuilt, but replaced with a newer attraction.

A new thrill ride for Sea World San Diego? Screamscape thinks so. They have up a layout of a proposed ride for 2010 that looks a lot like a Premier Revenge of the Mummy style ride... pretty exciting. See it here.

California's Great America recently received the go-ahead for their 2009 GCI wooden roller coaster. The park's neighbor, a Prudential office building, started a fuss when park owners asked for a height variance for the ride - but the variance was approved 5-1 last week. Now get building!

After the debacle that left Six Flags New England with no Dark Knight coaster this year, the local government's ordinance subcommittee is going to push an amendment that would let the park build rides up to 200 ft. without special permission. It doesn't solve all the problems that cause Batman to fly away ... but hey it's a start.

Hard Rock Park, after several pre-openings and openings, had it's final opening day blast yesterday. The park is now open daily, but be warned the Premier Rides coaster, Maximum RPM, is not yet open for business.