Saturday, March 1, 2008

Part of Kentucky Kingdom Closed, Too

Through this thread at Coasterbuzz, it's been confirmed via communication with Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom that a section of that park will be closed in 2008.

This comes just after learning that a section of Six Flags Great Adventure will be closed in 2008 as well.

Twisted Twins, Mile High Falls, and a flat ride called the Zeppelin will be closed this season at Kentucky Kingdom. Its been said that the drag racing ride has already been removed. Will they come back in the future or are these rides being scrapped? Who knows.

One thing is for sure, the new Six Flags guys sure aren't afraid of making some changes ... but these changes also save money. We probably won't see what these closings really mean until a couple years from now.


dwitos079 said...

Wow sfkk is going to have nothing now. Now Drop Tower, no great woodie. Talk about a waste of a park.