Saturday, September 29, 2007

Dorney Park Voodoo 9.29.07 Update

Well, a lot has actually changed since just last week at the Voodoo construction site. Above, you can see that the area has been totally flattened out and the surveyors were by as there are wooden stake markers all over the site now.

A pan to the right of the above shot. You'll notice that Skyscraper's foundation is now totally removed.

You have to click on the above image to see what I'm talking about. They've spray painted all over the walkway in front of the patio for Monster Grill. This almost always means that this concrete is coming up. There is another large section marked off to the left of the above image as well. I'd expect changes to that entire area next summer.

A closer look at the straight line of markers now on the site.

This is the middle of the construction site. It doesn't show up in the picture but there are more markings on the midway here. It looks like some of the angled sections will be removed to push out the midway border further.

Cedar Fair haters can unite over the fact that they've removed some trees for the project. This is a view from the Laser side of the site.

This is the area directly behind Laser Refreshments. You can see some remains from Skyscraper's loading platform. What's interesting though is that the markers back here spread out almost into a big square. Perhaps this is where one of the coaster's spikes will be located?

The track for the ride. There's some new stuff that is covered in blue tarp. There were several employees working back here by the track today.

Finally, I noticed these today. They are now selling Voodoo refill souvenir cups. I like that it's a skull - that also works perfectly with Halloweekends.

That's it for this week!