Saturday, September 5, 2020

The 2020 Edition of the IAAPA Expo Has Been Cancelled

The largest amusement industry event of the year, the IAAPA Expo in Orlando, Florida, has officially been cancelled for 2020.  Typically the expo takes place in November, and officials have held off making an official decision on this year's show until now.

“IAAPA Expo serves as the global marketplace for the attractions industry.  We recognize this year there are many challenges facing our members from around the world,” said Hal McEvoy, president and CEO, IAAPA.  “Together with input from members, exhibitors, the IAAPA Board of Directors and our team, we have decided to cancel this year’s Expo due to the ongoing impacts of COVID-19.  The continuing barriers to international and domestic travel coupled with the evolving guidance on mass gatherings, and members’ need to focus on their businesses helped lead to this decision.” 

The above explanation from the IAAPA CEO hits on the major reasons for the cancellations, all surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.  Not only is it very tough to travel right now, meaning suppliers from around the globe would have a hard time even getting to Orlando, but mass gatherings - especially indoors - are certainly not something I want to attend right now.  

But it is important to note that they also touch on how suppliers are focusing on their businesses right now - the industry is hurting.  Granted some parks were able to open this year, but the ride manufacturers and various other suppliers that support them have taken a hard hit in 2020.  With new park projects in the pipeline either pushed back or cancelled, the limited funds of most suppliers are not best spent on an impressive trade show booth right now - at least in my opinion.


The organization will still hold an IAAPA Expo Virtual Education Conference, allowing members to virtually attend 25 sessions and two keynote presentations.

Here's hoping for a better and brighter 2021 IAAPA Expo.  Our thoughts are with all industry suppliers as they navigate these waters and hopefully make it back for next year's event.