Tuesday, December 17, 2019

SeaWorld San Diego to Build Another Roller Coaster for 2021?

© SeaWorld San Diego
SeaWorld San Diego may currently be working on a brand new dive coaster, Emperor, for their 2020 season, but plans have emerged that show yet another major roller coaster will be headed to the park in 2021.

SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment is on quite a roller coaster building spree it seems, with nearly all their major parks receiving one in 2020 and now hints of more coasters planned for the following season.

Up top is one of the park's images of their simulator attraction, Wild Arctic, which appears to be biting the dust in order to build the ride for 2021.  These simulator rides were a staple of the SeaWorld parks in the 1990s, but are really showing their age in 2019... making it not all that surprising that the San Diego park would want to replace theirs.  Especially with an exiting and highly marketable roller coaster!

© Google Maps
The news of the new ride comes from Behind The Thrills, which published a large article on the plans of the attraction.  You can read the entire story via this link, but to cut to the chase the ride will be a low to the ground launched ride similar to Wave Breaker at SeaWorld San Antonio.

The ride will start in the space that the simulators occupy now, in the blue roof building in the above aerial image.  It will launch out into what is currently some of the parking lot, featuring a ton of twists and turns and a maximum height of 30 feet.  The ride's layout looks to feature not just a couple launch sections, but a total of four!  Aimed at families the ride would not be super-high thrill, but definitely an exciting addition nonetheless.

Make sure to check out Behind The Thrills' article for a ton more information and a look at the proposed ride layout!

With Busch Gardens Williamsburg also highly rumored to be adding another coaster in 2021, could we see the trend continue and see even more SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment properties go for thrills in back to back years?  Perhaps!