Saturday, November 9, 2019

Kings Island Tops Off New Orion Giga Coaster

© Kings Island
This past week Kings Island topped off their new giga roller coaster, Orion, by placing the top of the 287 foot tall lift hill.  The job required three separate cranes, seen in the photo above, since the ride's supports do not sit directly under the apex of the lift hill.

This also means that the ride's 300 foot first drop, which classifies the ride as a giga coaster, is also now complete.  Orion's track will stretch 5,321 feet long and feature a top speed of 91 miles per hour.

Here's some video that the park released of the ride being topped out:

The park has been busy slowly building Orion's lift hill over the past couple weeks, and work has also focused on the ride's station.  That has had all its metal framing put up, and soon it will be enclosed so that workers can really dig into the ride's electrical systems and other components.  Stay tuned for more as the park is sure to make quick work of the rest of Orion's layout!