Sunday, September 1, 2019

Six Flags Parks New For 2020 Thrill Ride Roundup

© Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
We still have a lot of ground to cover with regard to Six Flags Theme Parks' new for 2020 announcements.  We've posted about a couple of the largest attractions, now let's take a look at the other rides headed to the parks.

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom will be adding a new roller coaster, the Sidewinder Safari, which also has an animal exhibit located in its queue.  Riders will enter a safari themed queue that features rattlesnakes and other reptiles.  The coaster itself appears to be a clone of Rajin' Cajun at Six Flags America.  The ride is one of Zamperla's family spinning wild mouse coasters, standing 42 feet tall with 1,378 feet of track.

Six Flags Fiesta Texas will open a brand new type of thrill ride next year, named Daredevil Dive Flying Machines.  Themed as a steampunk flying machine, the attraction will be one of Zamperla's new elevated Super Air Race rides.  The ride has six plane themed cars (each one seats 4 riders) that soar and rotate as the attraction rises to five stories above the ground.  Daredevil Dive Flying Machines will be located in the Crackaxle Canyon section of the park.

© The Great Escape
Two parks will be adding a Booster ride from Funtime, at The Great Escape it will be known as Adirondack Outlaw and at Six Flags St. Louis Catwoman Whip.  The Booster ride is also commonly called a "salt and pepper shaker" and features sets seats on each end of a large ride arm.  The arm rotates and sends rides up 160 feet in the air at 50 miles per hour - oh and the ride carriage is able to rotate freely as well allowing for inversions.

My description of the ride may not be perfect, but this animation of the Six Flags St. Louis version definitely makes the attraction clear.  I believe that Catwoman Whip will have more seats - 16 per ride cycle - than at The Great Escape, which looks like it will have 8.

© Six Flags New England
A pair of parks will add another recently popular ride, Zamperla's Endeavour.  The ride is the modern version of a Huss Enterprise, and visitors to parks are eating them up.  The ride will be named Supergirl Sky Flyer at Six Flags New England, and Catwoman Whip at Six Flags Over Georgia.  Riders are seated with their legs hanging free below them and rotated in a giant circle to seven stories above the ground.

Six Flags Over Georgia will place their ride in a newly renovated Gotham City area, with new theming, food, and a second new ride, a traditional Scrambler named Poison Ivy Toxic Twister.  Six Flags New England's ride will be placed in the DC Super Hero Adventure themed area.

© Six Flags America
Good things come in pairs at Six Flags, and the trend continues with two parks building massive spinning pendulum rides in 2020.  Six Flags America is going to add Harley Quinn Spinsanity, one of the 147 foot tall, 70 mile per hour version of the ride.  To be located within the park's Gotham City area, it is sure to breath a lot of new life into that part of the park.

Six Flags Mexico is also building a pendulum ride, CraZanity, which is one of the even larger versions of these rides which tie as the tallest in the world.  Standing 170 feet tall at maximum swing, CraZanity will hit 75 miles per hour at its top speed.

© La Ronde
Turns out the rumors of Six Flags Magic Mountain's Green Lantern being transported to La Ronde were totally true, as the park has announced the ride as Vipere.  The coaster opened in California in 2011 but has a difficult time at the park since then.  Hopefully the ride will be better suited for Canadian audiences.  The ride is one of Intamin's Zac Spin coasters, standing 105 feet tall and featuring cars that can spin wildly on the multi-level track, should the park desire those operations.

Last but not least, Six Flags Over Texas is building North America's first Mack Rides Power Splash ride, named Aquaman: Power Wave.  The ride has a 700 foot long track that uses LSM launches to send boats both forward and backward up 148 foot tall towers at 63 miles per hour.  At the end of the last drop the boats soar through a splash pool creating a drenching finale to a thrilling ride.

It's great to see one of these rides come to a park in North America, as they look very exciting.  It is rumored that this ride was fabricated for the cancelled Six Flags Dubai project - in this case much to the gain of Six Flags Over Texas!