Sunday, December 2, 2018

IAAPA Expo: SeaWorld San Diego Reveals Tidal Twister Lead Car

© SeaWorld San Diego
Also revealed during the recent IAAPA Expo was the lead car for Tidal Twister, the first-of-its-kind version of a SkyWarp ride that is opening at SeaWorld San Diego next year.

The attraction features two trains that duel on a single track, and feature both forward and backward motion.  The ride experience utilizes a "unique horizontal design," with "twists, banks, turns and curves" all along a tight horizontal track.  Highlights of the ride include a "dynamic zero-g roll and exhilarating airtime."

The reveal of the lead car design for Tidal Twister took place in the middle of the IAAPA show floor, and Scott and Carol were on hand for the presentation.  Check out this video for the big reveal, along with plenty of information from both SeaWorld and the attraction's designer.

Tidal Twister at SeaWorld San Diego is scheduled to open in the spring of 2019.