Saturday, January 13, 2018

California's Great America Tops Off RailBlazer

© California's Great America
Having already completed nearly of the ride's track and supports, California's Great America placed the highest piece of RailBlazer yesterday.  The very top of the lift was installed, naturally the highest piece as it is all downhill from there.

The above photo is from the park's webcam (may I say I'm jealous of what looks like a beautiful California day?), and actually shows that the park kept up the pace after installing the top of the lift, with the 180 degree turn after it, and some lift track before it, now installed.  That means there are only a few lift pieces left to go in before RailBlazer is full circuit.

© California's Great America
For those of us who were not able to watch the highest piece of track be installed via the park's webcam, California's Great America has shared a video of the process on Facebook.  So now you didn't have to miss a thing!

© California's Great America
This photo is also worth sharing, it was put out by the theme park to advertise that the topping off could be watched on Facebook.  It is the first really good, clear look at the ride's first drop since it has been installed.  That looks amazing!  The colors of the ride really pop in this photo too.  Visitors are going to have a real treat next year with RailBlazer opens!