Saturday, September 3, 2016

2017 Brings An Arrary of New Flat Rides and Slides to Several Parks

Part of this past week's announcements from Six Flags parks was the addition of several new flat rides and slides, sure to offer plenty of spinning, soaring and splashing for park visitors.  Here's a breakdown of what's opening where.

© Six Flags America
A new 242 foot tall Starflyer ride, named Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth, will be opening next season at Six Flags America.  The towering ride will give riders a view of the park while they spin in a giant 98 foot circle at speeds of 40 miles per hour.  The park notes that the new ride will be the tallest attraction at Six Flags America when it opens.  No location for the ride in the park was specified in the announcements, just that the DC Comic theming will compliment the existing Joker, Superman and Batman themed attraction already there.

© Six Flags St. Louis
Spinning into Six Flags St. Louis next season is Spinsanity, a Zamperla Disk'O, that will be located in the Chouteau's Market area of the park across from Tsunami Soaker.

Spinsanity will seat 40 riders per cycle on motorcycle-style seats secured to a giant ring.  The ring will rotate as it also moves up and down a five story tall "U" shaped track, creating a disorienting experience.  Capable of completing 14 revolutions per minute, the ride will certainly be a draw for thrill seekers.

© La Ronde
An imposing new pendulum ride named Titan will open at La Ronde, bringing pulse-pumping thrills to riders.  Another Zamperla designed creation, Titan will be one of the company's Giant Discovery rides.  These rides swing riders, seated on the end of a giant disk, up to 147 feet above the ground, taller than many roller coasters.  The maximum swing angle means that riders are effectively upside down at that height - oh and it also hits speeds of 68 miles per hour!

© Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom will also open a Zamperla Giant Discovery, named Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth.  While all of the statistics for the ride are the same as the one for La Ronde (and for that matter the Riddler themed one opened this year at Six Flags Over Texas), this instillation will have a color scheme that's fitting of the Wonder Woman Name.  The park released the above concept art showing that the new thrill ride will be located next to the Superman Ultimate Flight and Joker roller coasters.

Rounding out the remaining Six Flags announcements is a pair of 30 foot tall twisting body slides named Bonzai Pipelines that will open at the Great Escape's water park, Splashwater Kingdom.  Finally, Six Flags Mexico will add virtual reality headsets to the Medusa Steel Coaster, and celebrate with an all new Mardi Gras Festival.  Hurricane Harbor Oaxtepec will also open in February of 2017 with a host of new slides and attractions.