Thursday, January 7, 2016

SeaWorld Orlando Tops Out Mako in New Photos + Streamlined Tickets Announced

We've been watching SeaWorld Orlando's new roller coaster, named Mako, slowly reach for the sky in recent weeks, and yesterday it reached its peak.  The theme park added the highest point of the ride to the structure, officially making Mako tower 200 feet over the park.

© SeaWorld Orlando
Prior to yesterday the lift track for Mako stopped at the support you can see in the top right of this photo.  Crews had to carefully lift the next track segment into place before the top could go on, which is what is taking place in this photo.

© SeaWorld Orlando
While that piece was carefully held in place, the next and highest piece of track was ready to head upward to its new home.  You can also see in this photo Mako's proximity to Kraken, I'm sure the two B&M coasters will make wonderful neighbors.  I think their color schemes compliment each other nicely.

© SeaWorld Orlando
The top track piece slowly made its way up to the highest support while the other cranes waited in place.  Mako's lift only utilizes a handful of supports, which created the need for several cranes to be used when connecting these track pieces.  The track in the foreground of this photo is already installed and looks like it might be the base of the first drop.

© SeaWorld Orlando
Here is a real beautiful photo of the complete Mako lift hill - really shows off the size of this coaster!  The park has also already installed the track for the mid-course brakes, as it runs underneath the lift hill supports.

While SeaWorld Orlando is hard at work bringing Mako to life, SeaWorld Entertainment has streamlined the ticket options for their various Florida parks.

The "Choose You Adventure" tickets are perfect for tourists who purchase online before their visit.  One park costs $79, two parks $99, three parks $109, or a new length-of-stay ticket that is valid at all 4 parks for 14 consecutive days and includes free parking at each property is only $139.  That's quite a steal if you think about it!

Annual passes for local residents have also been redesigned for both SeaWorld Orlando and Busch Gardens Tampa, and now include monthly "Instant Rewards" such as discounts, ticket offers and free gifts.  EZ Pay monthly plans are available for these as well.  A new Preschool Pass will be free for those ages 5 and younger, and get that person into SeaWorld Orlando free all of 2016.