Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wicked Cyclone is Showing Off Some New Curves

© Six Flags New England
After a post-holiday lull in new steel track being added to Wicked Cyclone's structure, the pace of work has picked up once again.  And that means that we get to see the new extreme elements that are being added to the coaster's layout.

Above is a photo that the park shared, one of several, that shows off Wicked Cyclone's far side - near the New England SkyScreamer.  As the trains head toward this section they will head through the 200 degree stall (middle of the photo) and into another heavily overbanked turn (left).

This view is also great as it really shows off how much Wicked Cyclone is shorter (in most areas, anyway) than before.  But that's just fine, it means the elements will be encountered with even more speed, which leads to more forces and more fun!

The photos that Six Flags New England shared are good, but if you want some really great ones (great views of that 200 degree stall) click over to SFNEOnline's latest update.